Your dashboard is connecting all your teams and connections "merchants/partners/couriers". Wimo allows you to assign tasks to your drivers and/or to connected dashboard.

How to assign tasks?

-Find all the tasks you want to assign to your drivers, one or more tasks according to your workflow and the case. Wimo enables you to see your unassigned tasks in more than one tab, but through the tasks tab its more actionable as its the main place to assign multiple tasks to one driver or team.

Where can you see your unassigned tasks?

1-Dispatch tab, on the right side of your dashboard you will find the unassigned tasks as you can see below.

Checking your unassigned tasks on dispatch allows you to assign tasks while seeing how many tasks are assigned for each team and for each driver, also allows you to check the location of the tasks the drivers are completing so you can assign to them accordingly. From dispatch you are able to assign tasks individually not in bulk and also allows you to activate route optimization for your drivers. Check route optimization article here.

2-Board tab. It allows you to see all your tasks in all given statues during the current day so you have a more holistic view of your day.

Within the board tab you are able to assign tasks individually also not in bulk.

3-Tasks tab, It is your main destination for assigning tasks in bulk and apply multiple filters to find the tasks criteria you want to assign to your team. Whether you assign based on Area or maybe the product you are delivering or even the vehicle you need, from the tasks tab you will be able to find these tasks and assign in bulk to your drivers or merchants.

After finding your unassigned tasks through filtering "status:unassigned+any filters you want to apply" , mark on all the tasks so you can assign them all or select multiple if you don't want to assign all to same driver. 

"More actions" button will show up after you mark on any of the tasks, after clicking on it the below window will pop up. select assign so you can see the list of your drivers and select from them.

As for assigning to your connections "courier/partner", you will apply same actions as above and select the merchants from the merchants drop down menu as below.

After tasks is assigned, it will show up to your drivers in their wimo mobile app and will show up to your connections as unassigned tasks on their dashboards.

Wimo allows assigning and updating tasks also through scanning which is elaborated in the apps section "drivers-dispatchers".