It is a real time saver to reach your tasks and filter them through few clicks, so we made it much easier for our users to save their combination of filters and name them making your frequently applied filters available when needed without applying them again.

How to create a saved filter?

-Step 1: On the tasks tab, select and combine the desired filters of your choice. Read How to filter and find your tasks to know more about the filters.

-Step 2: After your custom search is created and the desired combination of filters is selected, the save button will appear as shown below.

 -Step 3: click "Save" and name your saved filter, it is useful to name your saved filter based on the tasks you are trying to find.

-Step 4: After you add the filter name and select if you want to save it as a new filter or overwrite an existing filter "replace", click on Save. Your saved filter will be added to the saved filters list on the left side of the tasks tab as shown below.

To delete a saved filter, select it from the saved filters list, then click on the delete button as shown below and confirm deleting it.

Watch this Video elaborating the saved filter create/delete steps.