In order to ease your fleet management process and allow you to easily organize your man power, wimo enables you to have different drivers teams that you can create based on the zones you serve or the job types you have for them as an example.

Your driver can belong to one or multiple teams and you always have the option to edit and change your teams and the included driver for each team.

How to add teams?

Step 1: Open your dashboard setting from the profile icon on the top right side of the screen as shown in the below picture.

Step 2: From the settings menu, select teams to view your teams and added hubs. Existing list of teams will show under teams window.

Step 3: click on the add sign to add a new team.

Step 4: New team window will appear after you click on add so you can name your team, select the drivers and dispatchers that you want them in that team, then click create team.

Step 5: Once team is created it will be added to the teams list. You can edit your teams anytime through clicking on Edit on the teams window as shown on step 2.

Where will you see your teams?

-You can filter specific team tasks and add more filters to it to find specific tasks criteria for that team, for example you can filter to find all succeeded team tasks on a range of time and export the results to measure team performance.

-On Dispatch tab, you will be able to see each team, who is currently active from the drivers and you can filter to see only who are active from each team to actively track your drivers.

Always feel free to reach wimo team to support you with adding and managing your team.