You can add your drivers to WIMO dashboard through two methods, either by adding them one by one or bulk through importing an excel sheet with your drivers information.

1-Adding single driver.

Step 1: Go to the settings tab, click on the Profile icon on the top right side of the screen and click on settings.



Step 2: Through the settings tab, select "Drivers"


Step 3: click on the add sign as shown below.

After you click on the add sign a new window will appear so you can fill in the driver information. The below information is mandatory to add the drivers.


-Phone number

-Select which team the driver belongs to.

The additional information (Availability-Lunch break) are optional.

Step 4: After your fill in the driver information and click on "Add Driver" an SMS would be sent to the driver with the code to login to the account. 

              Message body "Your WIMO code is ****"

Step 5: After your driver installs WIMO driver app and open it, it will ask for his phone number then for the activation code as show below.

2-Adding drivers in bulk.            

This feature can be very useful on the phase of your dashboard setup as it allows you to add all your drivers through importing them one time.

Step 1: Repeat step 1 and Step 2 to reach the drivers tab on settings.

Step 2: on the drivers tab, click on Import.

Step 3: After clicking on Import, the below window will appear so you can choose the sheet with your drivers info.

Step 4: download WIMO drivers import template through clicking on the word "here" on the above window or click on this link to download.

              The sheet includes 4 main information to have a successful import. (Driver Name-Phone-Team-Transportation)

Step 5: After you fill in your sheet with the drivers information, click on choose file and select the sheet from your drive to import it.

Now all your drivers listed on the sheet will receive the SMS with the activation code to start using WIMO driver Application.