WIMO allows you to connect your dashboard with your merchants so they can easily upload their tasks and assign them to you. This process automates the task assigning between partners and allows your merchants to track the progress on the tasks they assigned to you through their dashboard.

How to add a merchant?

Step 1: Open your dashboard setting by clicking the profile icon on the top right side of the screen.


Step 2: Select "Merchant" from the settings menu and click on the add sign circled on the below picture.


Step 3: A new window will appear to fill up your merchant info and create an account for them. All the fields showing on the new merchant info is mandatory to be filled.

                                   New merchant mandatory fields are:

 -Merchant Name "Merchant contact name"
 -Merchant Number "Merchant contact number"
 -Email address "Merchant main contact email"
 -Password "your merchant can change it later on through his dashboard settings"

 -Company name "The merchant business name, this is the name that will show as the merchant name on the dashboard"

 -Website "Since it's mandatory to fill this fields, you may use any valid website in case your merchant doesn't have one"

 -Business type "You may pick what matches with your merchant business type, no wrong selection can be made here just make sure you pick on"

Step 4: Your merchant will receive an email that has his login details with a link directing him to his dashboard. Find the email body below.


 As a confirmation, you will find your merchant name added on the merchants list and it would be found on your merchant filter on the dashboard.

  Now your merchant partner has been added successfully.