WIMO Dashboard allows you to communicate with your customers using SMS notification for different purposes, the notification service is the best way to keep your customers updated with the progress of their order.

How to set your sms notifications?

Our SMS service works based on triggers. Once the trigger condition is met wimo will send an SMS with your company name and the sms body of your choice.

Notification service setup is based on two parts, Triggers and Tags used within the message body.

Note: Wimo notification service shall be activated through your customer success manager to coordinate with the sms service provider and confirm the service extra charges. The notification service can be activated in one working day.


-New task created: Every time a new task is created on your wimo dashboard an sms will be sent to the recipient.
This trigger usually used to update your recipient with the courier name or a tracking link or AWB number as reference that his order is being processed.

-Task created with ungeocoded address "recipient address not pinned on map":
This trigger is used to send an sms every time a new task is created without pinned location and contains a link so your recipient can update his delivery address accurately on the map.

-Pickup task started: selecting this trigger will send the notification when the driver start the pickup tasks notifying the customer/merchant that your driver is on the way to pickup the parcel. 

This trigger usually used to make sure the pickup is ready for the driver and/or provide driver details such as name and phone number.

-Pickup task completed: when a pickup task is completed the sms will be sent, usually used to update merchant that the parcel is picked up.

-Drop off task started: Notification is triggered when your driver starts a drop off task so you can update your customer "recipient" that the parcel is on the way and include more information such as driver name and mobile number for example.

-Drop off task completed: Notification is triggered when the driver completes a drop-off task, the best use for this trigger is to check your customer satisfaction through sending a survey link to rate his delivery experience.


-Recipient: Recipient name.

-Driver name.

-Driver Phone.

-ETA: The estimated time of arrival.

-Task ID: Wimo task ID.

-Address: Destination added on the task.

-Tracking link: A live tracking link to check task movement and route.

-Fixing address link: This tag can be used for two purposes.   

  1-To allow your recipient to pin his location on the map.          

  2-works as survey link when selected sent with trigger "drop off task completed" 

-AWB: to include the task AWB in your sms.

-Merchant name: To include your merchant name.

-Fulfiller name: To include the courier name.

Your dedicated success manager will assist you with your notifications setup and suggesting the best scenarios and wording for your sms.