WIMO provides a dedicated customer success manager to make sure all your business needs and use cases are fulfilled with the highest value possible from your dashboard, one of the main responsibilities of your success manager is to receive your requests and report the bugs and the issues you may face with the dashboard and make sure it is sent to the concerned team to be fixed in a proper time.

How to use WIMO help center?

Step 1: Through your dashboard go to the profile icon on the top right side of the screen, click on the icon and then select support.

Step 2: After you click on support the below window will appear so you select on of the support options.

Contact Support: To send an email to WIMO support service "support@wimo.ae" which will be directed to the success manager to help you with your inquiry/case. You can also email your direct success manager for support. 

FAQ: To access WIMO knowledge base for guide articles and information about WIMO dashboard functions.

WIMO knowledge base URL is wimoapp.freshdesk.com/support/home

Submit a Request: This will direct you to the new request page so you can raise an issue/bug which will open a ticket in our support system monitored by your success manager who will get in touch with you with a solution or with an estimate time of fix after checking if any information is needed for the fix. 

Below is the new request window, please make sure all fields are filled when submitting an issue and include any necessary screenshots that can help our teams identify the case

Once your issue is submitted, the below confirmation message will appear and a new ticket has been created and reached your customer success manager.